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Did Your Baby Sustain a Brain Injury During Birth?

An understandable concern with any new parent to be is the risk of brain damage in their baby. Brain injuries can be serious and certainly life-changing, for both the child and the family. Sometimes problems can develop during the pregnancy, while others manifest themselves during labor itself. Common Reasons for Brain Damage at Birth One common reason for brain damage in babies is due to lack of oxygen during labor.

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Average Settlement for a Broken Wrist in a California Car Accident

If you suffered a broken wrist from a car accident caused by the negligence of another, you may wonder, How much will I get for a broken wrist settlement? The answer depends on multiple factors. Various circumstances impact the average settlement for a broken wrist sustained in a car accident in California. After seeking medical attention following a car accident, the most important thing is to contact a personal injury attorney.

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Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages

Injured in a California accident? A Marin County personal injury attorney may be able to get you compensation for your injuries. Contact Wakeford Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation: (415) 569-7495 Overview of Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages When you are injured in an accident and awarded damages, there are several different types of damages you may be entitled to. Two types of damages you may be entitled to in California are

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Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement Amount in California

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, the aftermath might leave you with serious injuries, psychological trauma, and financial hardship. If a negligent party caused your injuries, you have a right to seek monetary compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.  You may be wondering how to calculate a motorcycle settlement amount in California. Multiple factors affect a fair settlement for a motorcycle accident. A qualified California motorcycle accident

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Average Whiplash Settlement in California

When you suffer injuries in a car accident, your injuries may not be visible to the naked eye. This fact does not mean your injuries are not genuine or valid.  Many injuries, like whiplash, don’t often appear visible to those around you. However, a whiplash injury has the potential to cause significant disruption to your life until it heals. In some cases, a whiplash injury leads to permanent issues. You

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I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver in California: Can I Sue?

Are you wondering, I was hit by a drunk driver in California, now what? How do I pay these medical bills? When you’re hit by a drunk driver, what’s the settlement process? What about all the work that I’m missing? Do I have to go through my insurance company? It can be overwhelming trying to cover all the bases. Here, we answer some of those questions and guide you through

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Average Lyft Accident Settlement in California

After the initial shock of a Lyft accident subsides, you need to know where to turn for help. An experienced personal injury lawyer should be one of your first phone calls. Our team at The Wakeford Law Firm can help you understand what to do after a Lyft accident, whether you’re a driver who has been injured in an accident with a Lyft driver or a passenger in a Lyft vehicle.

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Average Uber Accident Settlement in California

As the use of rideshare services continues to become more popular, the risk of accidents increases. There are more drivers on the road with Uber, Lyft, and other app-based services. Many of these drivers are unfamiliar with their operating areas, resulting in an increased reliance on GPS for directions. That means more drivers are paying less attention to the road. If you were involved in an accident while in a rideshare

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How To Get a Copy of Your California Highway Patrol Accident Report

Hurt in an accident? Your California Highway Patrol Accident Report is a very important piece of evidence in court. Contact Wakeford Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation: (415) 569-7495 Obtaining Your CHP Crash Report If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident on a California state highway, you might consider pursuing a legal claim against the at-fault party. If you plan to file an insurance claim or lawsuit,

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How to Get Your San Jose Accident Report

If you sustained injuries in a motor vehicle collision in San Jose, you might consider taking legal action against the party who caused the accident. Whether you plan to pursue an insurance claim or file a civil lawsuit, you will likely need to obtain your San Jose accident report first. Getting a copy of an accident report in San Jose is not overly difficult. However, if you work with a

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