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The Dangers of Hoverboards: Risks, Recalls, and Lawsuits

Hoverboards have become one of the most popular methods of transport for kids and young adults. These devices, also known as two-wheeled or self-balancing boards, offer a convenient blend of speed, size, and aesthetics, making them particularly appealing compared to alternatives like electric bikes or scooters. However, hoverboards pose certain dangers that other devices don’t: if their batteries or electrical systems fail, there is no way to manually override the

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How Personal Injury Claims Work, From Beginning to End

If you have been injured in an accident, you have likely considered filing a personal injury claim. However, these claims can be confusing and intimidating, particularly if you have never been involved in a lawsuit.  Understanding what to expect during a lawsuit can make the process less overwhelming. That is why The Wakeford Law Firm has put together the following roadmap to personal injury claims. Keep reading to learn how

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Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages

Injured in a California accident? A Marin County personal injury attorney may be able to get you compensation for your injuries. Contact Wakeford Law today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation: (415) 569-7495 Overview of Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages When you are injured in an accident and awarded damages, there are several different types of damages you may be entitled to. Two types of damages you may be entitled to in California are

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California Proposition 22 Overview

Proposition 22 (Prop 22) is a California law that recognizes rideshare and delivery drivers as independent contractors. A significant impact of Prop 22 on California app-based drivers is their ability to financially recover after a work-related car accident.   The Gig Economy As more and more people are choosing when and where to work, the gig economy is booming. This type of labor market is made up of independent contractors and

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5 Personal Injury Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

Pursuing a personal injury claim can be a stressful and frustrating experience. You need to concentrate on healing from your injuries, not worry about how your medical bills will be paid.  Hiring an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer can help make the claims process easier. If you are considering hiring an attorney, make the most out of your initial consultations.  Understandably, you probably have a long list of personal injury questions.

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5 Most Common Types of Bike Accidents

Californians enjoy bike riding for work, personal errands, and fun, but cyclists sometimes forget that crashes are common as they share the road with other drivers. You do have rights if you are hurt due to someone else’s negligence, and a bike accident lawyer can tell you more about your specific legal options. However, by reviewing how the most common bike accidents happen, you can protect against them happening in the first

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Understanding Pedestrian Crosswalks

There are many misconceptions about California crosswalk laws, leading many people on foot to believe they have the right-of-way in almost every situation. Unfortunately, many pedestrian accidents result from this common assumption. With a lack of protection from oncoming vehicles, the person on foot will most definitely suffer the brunt of the collision. Therefore, people need to understand some important information on pedestrian crossing rules in California. Overview of California Crosswalk Laws

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Proving Fault In Slip and Fall Accidents

Proving fault in a slip and fall accident may sound like a relatively straightforward process, but it isn’t necessarily. The plaintiff must be able to show that the store proprietor either knew about the dangerous condition and did nothing about it, or should have known about the dangerous condition and let it lapse. The question underlying all premises liability claims is thus “foreseeability”. Was a potential accident foreseeable or was

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California Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury

If you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, there are time restrictions on filing a lawsuit. The California statute of limitations for personal injury applies to motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall incidents, injuries from a defective product, medical malpractice cases, and other claims. The rule acts as a complete bar to recovering compensation. At the Wakeford Law Firm, our San Francisco personal injury attorneys have extensive experience

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Preparing for a Defense Medical Examination

In a personal injury case, the defense lawyers may demand that the plaintiff attend a defense medical examination (DME) during litigation, wherein a doctor will perform a series of tests and subsequently make a report giving the doctor’s opinions about the plaintiff’s injuries and medical condition (pursuant to Code of Civ. Pro. § 2032.220). A DME is performed in most injury cases. DME’s are used by the defense to attempt to dispute whether

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