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Despite the stiff penalties for drunk driving in California, people continue to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. As a result, over one thousand people die each year in California drunk driving crashes.

According to the most recent statistics, 1,066 people died on California roads in 2019 in crashes involving a driver or motorcycle rider who had a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or above.

According to preliminary data, the number of fatal drunk driving crashes increased in 2020. And these statistics do not account for the untold number of people injured but not killed in these crashes. 

If you were injured or someone you love died in a California drunk driving accident, you need an experienced and aggressive San Francisco DUI accident attorney. Only a seasoned attorney can help you recover just compensation for your losses.

At the Wakeford Law Firm, we are a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers who have won millions of dollars for our clients. Our thorough case preparation and access to vast resources help us give our clients the best chance of maximizing their financial recovery. If you were injured in an accident due to a drunk driver, contact our DUI lawyers in San Francisco today.

Why Do You Need a San Francisco Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer to Represent You?

The drunk driver who caused the crash that injured you is likely also facing DUI charges in criminal court. California prosecutors are tough on drunk drivers.

They will fight for justice in criminal court, but they do not represent you. As the victim of the crime, you are essential to them, but they are not your personal lawyer. Instead, prosecutors represent the state as a whole.

Only a San Francisco DUI accident lawyer will represent you personally and always put your best interests first. The attorney you choose will work through the civil court system to get a settlement that fully compensates you for your injuries. 

Your San Francisco DUI accident attorney protects your interests if insurance companies start contacting you. Auto insurance companies are interested in making sure that they keep settlement costs down. Offering you a quick, lowball settlement is one of the best ways they avoid paying out large sums.

Accepting a quick offer might be tempting but may not be in your best interest. You need a lawyer to assess future losses stemming from the injury before accepting any offer. If you jump too soon at a low offer, you can never go back for more–regardless of how much money your injuries end up costing you down the road.

Your attorney will handle the negotiations so you can stay focused on healing. 

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How Much Compensation Could a San Francisco DUI Accident Attorney Win for You?

The amount of compensation you could receive depends on the specific facts of your case.

Your specific injuries, medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering all play a significant role in determining a just settlement. Working with a highly skilled DUI accident attorney in San Francisco who can highlight the strengths of your case while effectively downplaying any possible weakness gives you the best chance to recover just compensation. 

Drunk driving crashes often cause devastating injuries, which are sometimes permanent. Sadly, most people do not carry enough auto insurance to cover the cost of a catastrophic injury.

An experienced attorney knows how to pursue other entities–besides the driver–who might be responsible for your losses. If there are any, then you could include them in your claim for damages.

For example, you might be able to pursue damages against a restaurant for over-serving the drunk driver. If the drunk driver consumed alcohol at someone else’s home rather than a business, the homeowner might also be liable for your damages.

How Can a San Francisco DUI Accident Lawyer from The Wakeford Law Firm Help You?

When you call The Wakeford Law Firm at 415-569-7495, you will speak to a lawyer with vast experience protecting the rights of people injured in drunk driving accidents. We pride ourselves on providing each client with a high level of individual attention and aggressive yet compassionate legal representation.

Some attorneys start out by assuming that cases won’t go to trial because most of them don’t. Most injury cases are settled out of court during negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. But our attorneys do not start out with that assumption.

Instead, our San Francisco DUI accident attorneys start from day, one building a compelling case for trial. This lets insurance companies know we mean business–and that we won’t stop fighting until our clients get the compensation they need and deserve. Call us today to learn more.