How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Case In California?

When you’ve been seriously injured, the last thing on your mind is a lawsuit. In fact, most people don’t want to file personal injury claims against the people who caused serious injuries due to their negligence or bad conduct. For many people, however, a personal injury claim is the only way to get necessary compensation to pay costly medical bills and recover lost wages. It’s often also the only way

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Been Injured by a Governmental Entity?

In California, you ordinarily have two years from the date of an injury to file a lawsuit against a negligent party (the “statute of limitations”). Certain factors can modify that general rule, however, and that’s one reason among several why you should contact an experienced, competent personal injury attorney as soon as you realize you may have an injury case. One situation where the amount of time you have to

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Road Use is a Shared Responsibility

Like most urban centers, as San Francisco’s population grows, its streets are becoming more crowded. More people means more cars, motorcycles, busses, trains, scooters, bikes, and pedestrians. The streets are changing as rapidly the times we live in. Not only are there more people using the same space, the streets are also constantly being reconfigured. Lanes are being repurposed for bicyclists and parking spaces are turning into outdoor seating. And

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Tenant Lawyers for San Francisco Evictions

We are currently fighting multiple tenant evictions in San Francisco. The pace of these evictions is really heating up. We see our friends and neighbors lives’ being turned upside down. Their fear and panic is heartbreaking even if you take the side of the developers and speculators in this raging debate. If you need help fighting an eviction, call me at (415) 569-7495 or email us.

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Five Rules for Dealing with Doctors after a Car Accident

Rule #1: Don’t Delay in Seeking Medical Treatment It may seem obvious, but it’s best to go to a doctor right away to get checked out, even if you don’t feel that you’ve been injured. The insurance companies will look at the time from the accident to when you sought treatment. Rule #2: Your Doctor Is Not Your Lawyer Many doctors — like orthopedists, physical therapists and neurologist who see a

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