What Percentage of Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial in San Francisco?


If you’ve been injured, the last thing you need is more stress, especially a mandatory appearance in a court case. In fact, many people choose not to get a lawyer to help them get the compensation they deserve after a personal injury due to fears related to taking the case to court. Here in San Francisco where our lives are especially busy, these fears naturally increase. After an injury, you simply don’t want to worry about a personal injury case going to trial.

But is that a realistic fear? Is the risk of not getting the money you need to cover bills while you recover really worth avoiding the small chance you will end up in court? What percentage of personal injury cases go to trial in San Francisco, anyway?

As it turns out, very few personal injury cases go to trial in the U.S. Just about 2-4% of all personal injury cases in San Francisco actually make it to the courtroom. Most personal injury cases are settled by lawyers before ever making it to trial. In fact, you may never have to go to a single meeting with the party that caused you harm. Your San Francisco personal injury attorney usually will fight on your behalf to settle long before there is any need to consider going to trial.

Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial in San Francisco?

Of course, when you are the injured party, percentages aren’t always enough to make you feel better. What you really want to know isn’t the percentage of personal injury cases that go to trial in San Francisco. You want to know if your case will go to trial.

Unfortunately, there is no simple list of factors that determine which cases end up going to trial. Each case is unique, and yours must be assessed holistically before anyone can tell you what the likely outcome will be. That’s why the best way to find out how likely your case is to go to trial is to talk to a San Francisco personal injury lawyer.

At Wakeford Law, our San Francisco personal injury attorneys are always available for a consultation on your case. Simply call our offices to set up an appointment, and we will help you better understand how your case may proceed. As your ally, we will always work hard to settle your case as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome. We promise to put your best interests first from day one.

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