6 Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can feel like a daunting task. You need an attorney that knows the law, has worked with your type of case and understands your specific needs. While choosing the right lawyer seems difficult, below are six tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer that is right for you.
1. Choose an Attorney Based on Your Type of Case
Personal injury is a broad category of law. It includes everything from medical malpractice to car accidents to wrongful death. You can quickly narrow down your choice of attorney based on the type of personal injury law they practice. Ask yourself, What kind of case do you have? Does the attorney practice that type of personal injury law?
2. Find a Lawyer with the Right Type of Experience
f you suffered injuries in a car accident, you should search for attorneys with experience handling auto accident cases. Personal injury attorneys with extensive legal experience in a particular field will understand the relevant law, know how to investigate your claim and be able to craft a strong legal argument.
Start by searching a law firm’s biographical information, and search the firm’s website for articles or posts related to your case. If these articles appear informative and helpful, this can help you gauge the level of knowledge and experience of the lawyers working at the firm.
When you meet with your attorney for an initial consultation, it is good practice to ask them questions to determine if they have the proper level of experience.
Consider asking questions such as:
How many cases have you handled like mine?
How much does your firm focus on these kinds of cases?
What was your most recent case?
What was the outcome of the case?
Remember to take good notes during your meeting so you can compare the attorney’s answers with answers from other firms.
3. Search for Lawyers with a Good Reputation
An attorney’s professional reputation will provide you important insights into the quality of their legal practice.
Attorneys with strong professional reputations have extensive experience and a history of success, and they have also gained the respect of their peers. While searching, look for attorneys who belong to trial attorney associations and whether they have received awards or hold leadership positions.
You can search associations such as:
The local chapter of the bar association,
SuperLawyer.com, and
In addition, you can search for law firms based on customer reviews. Previous customers may describe what it was like to work with a lawyer, how they handle customer relations, and the customer’s overall experience and satisfaction.
4. Search for Attorneys with a History of Success
While there are many attorneys in San Francisco, you should choose one based on their level of success when handling a case. Experience and reputation are important, but they do not always show whether an attorney can achieve a successful outcome.
Most law firms will have a section on their website describing past cases and the outcomes.
When reviewing a law firm’s website, consider the following:
When was their last successful case?
What was the type of case?
What was the outcome?
Personal injury lawyers with a history of success will fight for your interests and work to secure you the best possible outcome.
5. Compare Fees for Each Law Firm
Attorneys will always charge fees for their legal services. However, law firms will have different types of fee structures.
How much do you charge?
Do you charge hourly or a flat rate?
Do I need to pay upfront?
Do you offer payment plans?
Make sure you discuss and agree to a fee structure you are comfortable with before hiring an attorney.
6. Meet with Your Top Three Attorneys and Compare Notes
Once you narrow down your search to your top three choices, schedule a free consultation with each firm. Ask questions about their practice and make sure to take good notes.
After your meetings, compare your research between each firm. The initial consultation will also help you determine what it will be like to work with the attorney. While all of the tips above are important, personality can have a big effect on your experience. You want to find someone you can work with and get along with.
Contact a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer Today
Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can feel daunting. But the experienced staff at The Wakeford Law Firm are here to help. Wes Wakeford has extensive experience successfully representing clients. We care deeply about our clients, and we provide hands-on service and will fight to protect your interests. Our staff can help answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to choose the lawyer that is right for you. For a free consultation, contact our office at 415-569-7495 or fill out an online form today.

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