Bicyclist Killed After Driver Opens Car Door


A woman in San Francisco caused a bicyclist to swerve into traffic and be hit by a truck after opening her car door.

The cyclist’s name is Tess Rothstein and the name of the driver is still unknown.

The woman who opened the car door said she did not see Rothstein and is heartbroken about the event. Rothstein was a 30-year-old design researcher in the San Francisco Area.

This death is causing an outrage in the San Francisco community because the city knows this is a dangerous area for cyclists.

Bystanders who saw the event said when the car door opened Rothstein did her best to avoid hitting the car. Unfortunately, dodging the car made her fall underneath a big box truck.

Bicyclists throughout the city are expressing their concerns about the event and the 6th and Howard Corridor. Many cyclists worry about commuting through this area because they know there is potential danger.

The city recently put protected bike lanes in a block just west of the incident. Since the crash local news spoke to SFMTA about the unprotected bike lanes on 6th and Howard.

Now SFMTA has 96 hours to respond with a plan to help protect cyclists in bike lanes. Currently, bags are covering meters to make more space for bicyclists.

Also, starting Wednesday, car’s will not be able to park on 6th and Howard. City workers are building protected bike lanes in April.

Source: ABC7

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