Being in a car accident in Marin County is a traumatic experience. Even if you aren’t at fault, you can end up seriously injured and go into significant debt due to costs from the damage to your car and your medical bills. The stress of it all can be horrible– and this is made much worse if you are in an auto accident in Marin County without insurance.


Driving without insurance in California is illegal. You are facing serious legal consequences if you’ve been in a car accident without insurance, no matter who’s at fault. Police at the scene will ask for proof of insurance. When it turns out that you can’t give it, you’ll be facing a ticket, a fine, and an up-to-four-year suspension of your driver’s license.


If the accident is your fault, you face more serious penalties. You will be held civilly responsible for the costs related to the accident, which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. You probably won’t just be sued by the other driver, either. You’ll be facing the daunting prospect of a lawsuit from their insurance company after they pay the settlement to the driver you hit. In this case, you’ll need to talk to a Marin County accident attorney right away because the insurance company has the time, legal staff, and money to pursue you in court until the entire settlement is paid.


What Happens If The Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance But I Do?


Of course, sometimes it’s the other driver that doesn’t have insurance. While this can feel just as stressful, you are better covered if the other driver has no insurance in an auto accident in Marin County. Every California driver who has any car insurance (aka you) must also include uninsured driver insurance. This type of car insurance covers this exact scenario: when you get into an auto accident with an uninsured driver.


After an an auto accident in the Bay Area with an uninsured driver, you can file a claim with your own insurance company for the cost of the damages, lost wages, and pain and suffering. There may be a cap to what you can claim, but you are entitled to at least something, no matter whether or not the other driver has money to pay what you deserve. Your insurance company will probably sue the uninsured driver for the money they pay you (and you may be required to go to court), but your claim should be paid regardless.


Still, an auto accident in Marin County without insurance is complicated no matter who is the uninsured driver. If it’s you, you are facing serious legal challenges– and costs. If it’s the other driver, you will likely still have more difficulty getting the settlement you deserve from the insurance company. Your insurance isn’t going to want to pay you much, as they have no idea how much they will get back from the driver at fault. You’ll want to ensure your interests are represented by someone you trust who has experience going up against major insurance companies. Call the Marin County accident attorneys at Wakeford Gelini today to find out how we may be able to help get you the best possible settlement.


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